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For Playlisters

Become a data-driven A&R force in the music industry.

Get access to state-of-the art tools to manage your playlists, connect with thousands of emerging artists, network with leading playlisters and showcase your curation skills.

  • Collaborate and Become Influential

    By joining Playlister Club, you collaborate with the world’s leading independent curators. Every choice you make with your playlists creates huge opportunities for emerging artists.

  • Discover New Talent

    New music is presented on a dynamic dashboard based off of your established curation tastes so you can listen, review, and even schedule songs on your playlists! No more endless submissions; work with music you really like!

  • Better curation tools

    Simply put, Playlister Club gives you the most powerful tools to better manage your playlists so you can focus on what's really important: discovering new music!

  • Engage in the Community

    You are part of a Community; so connect, engage and trade with other playlisters to unleash a truly collaborative music discovery environment & playlisting experience.

  • Playlist Pulse™

    Your collective intelligence is presented in a data-driven A&R chart, comprised of music recommendations for our members and distributed to thousands of leading music industry outlets.

For Labels

Releases Galore? We can Help!

Simplify and optimize your playlist promotion campaigns and gain access to the most diverse and vibrant community of playlist curators. Just Point, Click and Go!

  • Work smarter not harder!

    Start your membership and simply choose your tracks; no uploads, no metadata, no time wasted! Your releases will be included in our Discover ecosystem, where leading curators go to find new music for their playlists.

  • Gain Real Engagement, Feedback, and Insights!

    Playlisters leverage our tools to manage their playlists, and carefully select & review songs that truly match their tastes. All of the data is compiled in a streamlined dashboard where you can gain insights on your performance!

  • Data-Driven Playlist Innovation

    Data is at the heart of our platform, and connects your music to the right ears, for a more meaningful & organic connection. Daily curation data, allows us to provide tools to track your Playlistability, measure playlister's tastes, and more!

  • Join a Passionate Music Community

    Include your music in the only lively online community tailored towards playlisters. Our social tools like SongChat, give your music a chance to trend within our platform, and get passed around the leading independent playlisters in the world!

  • Playlist Pulse™

    Every week your artists will get a chance to be featured on our Playlist Pulse™ chart, outlining the top performing tracks among our leading curators, and distributed to all our playlister members and thousands of music industry connections & outlets!

For Artists

Let your music into the Club!

Gain exclusive access to a curated community of playlisters passionate about discovering new music.

  • Start your membership

    As soon as you join Playlister Club your songs will be promoted to an exclusive online ecosystem of playlisters actively looking to dig up new music.

  • Get more than just exposure

    Your music is displayed on a dynamic dashboard and matched to playlisters specific curation and listening tastes. They can even listen, review and place your songs directly from our platform.

  • Be really discovered

    Many playlisters mindlessly read through endless submission inboxes. Instead, our playlisters carefully and manually select songs that truly match their playlists and music tastes. Never have your music lost in an inbox again!

  • Track your songs

    Save time with our Song Tracking tool so you know when they have been added or removed in different playlists, daily. Complimentary with your Playlister Club Subscription!

  • Playlist Pulse™

    Get a chance to be featured on our Playlist Pulse™ chart, distributed to all our playlister members and thousands of music industry connections & outlets!