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The art of music curation lies in discovering new songs,
organically. That's what our one-of-a-kind Discovery feed offers
- endless possibilities for discovering your next favorite song
based on your past interactions and tastes.

Discovery Feed

Skip the submission inbox and
find amazing new music

When you enter Playlister.Club, you’ll be met with a personalized feed of new releases that you can freely explore. Different carousels “Songs with Good Playlistability,” “Trending Artists” and even “Tracks from Labels” highlight important sections you may be interested in diving further into. Learn how to best explore this page and find your favorite new release!

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How to use our Dashboard

Open a free account

As a playlister, and enter your dashboard.

Scroll through the “Discover” page

Click on album covers to listen, and use the genre selector at certain carousels to filter.

Once you find a song you like

Leave a review with the ‘thumbs up” button, or use our scheduler to place it into your best-fitting playlist. Link to the full song, or even send it via SongChat.

Our Discovery Feed allows you to:

Explore an algorithmically-curated feed of new releases by artists to connect with.

Interact with songs directly from the feed to support artists and build amazing playlists.

Filter through new releases by genre; see which new artists are trending.

Save time and energy; stop sifting through an overcrowded inbox of submissions.

More than
the Discovery Feed:

Playlister.Club is the most advanced music discovery platform that is home to the largest community of independent playlisters looking for new music. We offer amazing tools to curate and manage playlists, alongside accurate song recommendations to help you find your next favorite up and coming artist. Create your free account now and start accessing all of these member benefits and more!

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