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Playlistability is the world's first predictive tool
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Gauge your song's performance

This is the perfect tool for any artist or label wondering if their newest release will "make it" in the world of playlists. Playlistability is the fastest way to reliably gauge the potential performance of your song, against the largest community of independent playlisters looking for new music.

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How to use Playlistability

Input your music

Head to the Playlistability page to input a song link, or connect your discography in your "Start" page upon signing up for an artist or label account.

Get your score

Your score will come in from 0-100, with details on scoring breakdowns on different aspects on your song like Maturity, Sensation, and Qualities.

Understand your results & start your trades promotion

A low (or high) score doesn't guarantee performance; but it can help inform your song's release campaign moving forward.

Playlistability allows you to:

Test your discography or catalogue's compatibility, with just a few clicks.

Save time, energy, and resources by focusing your promotional efforts.

Be matched with playlisters that have a higher chance of converting into fans of your music.

Understand which aspect of your release is optimized (Maturity, Sensation, and Qualities).

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