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Playlister.Club’s SongChat is the first of its kind. The free tool allows you easily send messages to leading playlisters, embed any song release, and even schedule songs into your playlist directly from the chat window! Below, learn how you can use the Playlister Club SongChat to your advantage.

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How to chat with playlisters

Find connections

Use our Playlister Profiles to find interesting playlisters to chat to, or simply type in a playlister’s name into the search bar.

Get friendly!

Initiate a chat introducing yourself; music is all about networking.

Share music

With one click, you can attach any released song, and others will be able to directly interact with it from the chat window.

SongChat allows you to:

Expand your network of curators and music industry connections.

Find interesting and undiscovered music to keep your playlists fresh.

Get instant reactions from playlisters on new music.

Learn tips & tricks on curating better playlists.

More than

Playlister.Club is the most advanced music discovery platform that is home to the largest community of independent playlisters looking for new music. We offer amazing tools to curate and manage playlists, alongside accurate song recommendations to help you find your next favorite up and coming artist. Create your free account now and start accessing all of these member benefits and more!

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